Handle Panel

We encounter dangerous things on a day to day basis. One of the most dangerous things we often do is getting on the road with other cars. Could you imagine being in one boat crossing the lake at 60mph and a friend in another boat heads towards you at 60mph, and planning to pass each other head on with simply 6 feet and a yellow line between you as you pass. We do it in a car all the time and don’t even know if the person coming towards us is impaired in any way. That could almost be called blind faith.

The chances of your arm or even your head going through the handle are so slim; most people probably don’t give it a second thought. There is also the thought that with a handle panel in place; your hand could pass through the opening and not come out as easily because of the panel. You can decide for yourself if you want one or not. But, if you do and you enjoy making things for yourself, then have at it!

Here is a link to Grainger for super strong (Tensile Strength 4600 PSI) and very inexpensive material. You can cut at least 3 panels out of one $3.00 sheet. It also comes in a few other colors.

Sheet Stock, HDPE, 0.063" Thick, 24" x 12"


With a little imagination; you can make a really nice looking handle panel yourself like this blue one Lee Goade made .