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2021 Lake 38 Pro Slalom - LIVE Coverage: Saturday 5th June

Saturday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrNxBTgTeII&list=PLM3-mBhqIdiWnd7sSy3JkXbLTuHLvSa4R

Sunday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9-M3ENTdwQ&list=PLM3-mBhqIdiWnd7sSy3JkXbLTuHLvSa4R&index=2


8:00 Open Women Round 1

9:30 Open Men Round 1

11:00 Open Women Round 2

12:30 Open Men Round 2


13:00 Open Women Final

14:00 Open Men Final

(EDT Time)


I want to alert everyone of a webcast this Sunday.

2021 Swiss Pro Slalom - LIVE Coverage


Also, I have not been skiing much. I have been working an some projects around the house and I bought a cargo trailer and converted into a camper and scoring center for tournaments. I plan to put together a video of the conversion. When I do, I will put a link on this website.

Here is a peek.


I tightened up both releases one revolution, but as I have been skiing, I feel a bit reserved for fear of more pre-releases. Water warmed up to 55° yesterday and air was 63°. I am getting more feeling back in my front left foot and was feeling more comfortable, so I cut to 35off/12m. I have not gone shorter than 13m in a very long time. I surprised myself by running it without issue. Looking back at the video, I did get a little extra slack a couple of times, but overall, I was pleased with the pass. It did my confidence a world of good.


The water was 50° and air 46° when I skied yesterday. Right off the dock I felt good. I pulled out, shot through the gate, rounded #1 and was thinking how good I felt. As I came up through the center line, that comfort level changed drastically as my front boot came out of my binding and the prayers started. "Lord, please do not let me get hurt again." I slid across the water unscathed, unlike my October pre-release. In that one, it happened in the exact same spot on my opener. That time my front came out and then my rear and then I crashed. I have had my heel latches relatively loose. I guess I am going to tighten them up a little.


Happy New Year everyone. I hope you have a healthy , happy and prosperous 2021. Check out this article by Chris Rossi.


I hope all of you had a nice Christmas. I had a fun set today. Air upper 50s and water upper 40s. I had not skied in a week, so I was not surprised it felt like I had not been on the water in a while, but I felt more balanced and comfortable than I had in quite a while. I ran a 28 and 5 32s.


This was my second set since the 4th and it felt much better. I was not able to ski earlier in the week. My water was 56°F today. Air was about 70°F. I may not have mentioned; I am skiing in a baggy dry suit with fabric feet. I wear thin socks. My feet slide around a bit which makes things more difficult. It got where I was unable to get my feet in and out of the tight ankle seals, so I switched to the built in booties.



My water temp yesterday was 55.7°F when I skied. I have generally been running my first pass 28off 34mph, then 32off for about seven passes. It is odd that it feels fast and I feel unstable. I told the driver yesterday that I felt like I was in hard leather shoes walking on black ice. I would rather have the secure feeling of walking bare footed on grass. However, that confident comfortable feeling escapes me for now.



When I first launched SkiAll6, I bought space at Godaddy. They have changed things and the price has gotten too high for me to continue with Godaddy. I have now built a new site with Google. I have included more articles and videos to help people ski better. I will try to add even more. I will also try to list on the first page the new items as they are added. Google does not have a basic forum. I will research to try and find a forum to use. I hope you will enjoy. Please use the contact page and let me know what you think.

BTW, I will NOT list new blogs on the first page. That list on the first page will be used for new content and videos I add to the website.

Thank you.