Nate Smith's 4 Tips To Better Turns



2012 was a winning year for the most exciting young talent to ever hit professional slalom skiing. Nate Smith took his talents to the Moomba Masters, the U.S. Masters, the Malibu Open, the Calgary Pro Water Ski Shootout, Soaked, and won them all. Smith has the smoothest, most controlled turn in the game with only a few simple keys to remember. Here’s his first hand approach:

1. I concentrate on not pushing the handle towards the boat as I reach. Instead, I let the boat advance and pull the handle away from me.

2. As my reaching arm is pulled away from me, I swing my free hand in the opposite direction. I actually picture Will Asher when I’m visualizing how this should look. My free arm should be running in the opposite direction as my reach; this keeps me open in the turn.

3. Next, I’m careful not to pull the handle back to my body. This will disrupt the path of my turn. Instead, I use the handle as my pivot point.

4. With the handle as my pivot point I simply ski my hips, my free hand and my ski to the handle. This ensures that everything is back in line at the end of my turn.