How To Cross The Wake With Ease

How To Cross The Wake With Ease



by Billy Susi

They may not look that big from the safe confines of the passenger’s seat, but the ski boat’s wakes can feel like giant speed bumps if your wake crossings aren’t dialed. In this water ski how to, find out how to cross the wake with ease.

Stand Tall

When approaching the wakes, avoid crouching. Getting low may feel somewhat more stable, but it actually places more load on the rope, increasing your chances of bouncing as you hit the wake. By staying tall, you’ll be in a stronger, leveraged position, and you’ll feel lighter on your feet.

Equal Pressure

Keep the pressure even on both of your arms and shoulders. Too often, skiers twist their upper bodies toward the direction they’re cutting, but this places all the pressure on the lead arm, making it difficult to hold your position. Instead, keep your chest facing down the lake as you begin the cut.

Stay Relaxed and Low

As you approach the wakes, it’s important to keep your arms relaxed and the handle low so the boat’s pull comes through your shoulders and down your entire back. If your handle is too high, the pull will hit just your shoulders. The lower the handle, the stronger you will be.