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TOPIC: Another step to improve your skiing.

Another step to improve your skiing. 2 years, 2 months ago #9557

  • BudDavis
  • Today is a gift, so ski. No promise of more.
Recap: Most importantly, practice your foundation of skiing without brakes, which is your first step to success. That is explained in this post. www.skiall6.com/forum/6-tech-talk/9542-h...ove-your-skiing#9542

Another step to improve your skiing

With this position, you do not need extra height or extra strength. However, you need to be able to STOP doing something. Many of us find that we have done it for so long it is very, very hard to stop. Before you read farther, do you know what it is?

Look at the following video and see if you can point out what these two world champion record holders are NOT doing. (Nate Smith and Brook Baldwin.) Brook is only 17 years old and broke the Girls 3 record in 2016 with 1 at 41off/10.25m.

You should notice in that video, those two champions are not pulling past the center line. In some wake crossings, you can see the ski on one edge approaching the wake, then the ski change edges IN THE AIR, and then lands on the turning edge. Notice what happened to Brook when you did not see the top of her ski as quickly as Nates ski into #1 at 38off.

If you think that technique is only for the short line, fast speed; then look at this video of of a skier at 15off/18.25m 28.6mph/46kph compared to Nate Smith 38off 36mph.

We have a natural tendency to pull longer because we are thinking about getting to the turn buoy. We also sometimes feel we need to pull longer because we did not adequately build speed out of the buoy and into the wake. We also feel like we need to pull longer because our brake is on and we are losing our speed. It is easier to build necessary speed without the brake on, as well as glide out to and around the buoy without our brake on.

I believe once you learn to ski without your brakes, you will then be able to practice changing edges at centerline and skiing better. Remember, if you change edges at centerline, you can more easily ski out bound to finish your turn at the buoy and set yourself up for more speed into the center line. If you change edges later, your direction will be more down course, with more down course speed, making you start your turn at the buoy and finishing it down course. That leaves little time to build any speed into the center line.

The next time someone tells you to pull through the wakes, or pull to the edge of the foam, have them watch these videos. There are successful skiers pulling long, and I believe that is a technique that does work for some. I do not believe it is the most efficient way to ski.

Does that make sense?

Any questions or comments?
The following user(s) said Thank You: Ed Johnson, DW

Re: Another step to improve your skiing. 2 years, 2 months ago #9558

Bud, your analysis is spot on. It's also funny to me that you picked the only 2 skiers that I have saved in my Favorites section. The reason being they are the 2 most EFFICIENT skiers on the planet
Brooke blew me away when I saw her ski at the Calif. Pro Am last year. One of the attributes she executes so well is her ability, just like Nate, to drop her hips, COM, off the apex, and set angle, without sending any load to ZO, giving her time to get into an extremely leaning, forward position on the ski, creating tremendous acceleration toward centerline, allowing for an explosive edge change with tremendous carry-out. PLus she starts very wide and creates the momentum to stay wide throughout the course.

PS: Great video work matching speeds. Thanks for that !!!

Re: Another step to improve your skiing. 2 years, 2 months ago #9559

  • DW
Great post, thanks for taking time to create the side by side video. There are many attributes to comment on relative to these two skiers excellent technique. Your analysis is also very insightful, particularly your comment on the aspect of our brake being on thus limiting the ability to get out wide to make that buoy when performing the edge change at the wake or centerline. Put that item on the 2018 list of things to work on, 'brakes off'.
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